I have always been an artistic person with a love for technology, so it makes sense that I ended up in photography. I've always felt good in front of the camera, but what felt even better was being behind it. Empowering others through photography is the most rewarding feeling. After founding and building Of Wild & Wander over the past few years, I've fallen in love with editing. Handpicking and curating each photo is magical to me. I always say, "editing is half the job", and it truly is. Editing allows the photographer to make the image look how the moment truly felt, and that is what I love about it. So, if you're wondering what "editor + admin" means, it means that you'll find me glued to my computer, answering e-mails, setting up consultations, organizing our calendars and the best part: adding the final touches to your images so that the magic you felt during your session shines through in your final gallery.



I've had a passion for photography and editing for as long as I can remember. It started with disposable cameras and a dollar store photo album at 3 years old. I actually still have the album, it’s filled with weirdly cropped selfies, and pictures of my family and toys. I have always been visually driven and fed off being creative, and photography is the epitome of that for me. In short, it fuels my soul. After a few years of learning and practicing, I took it up a notch, paid for some real education, and went professional. It seemed like a dream, but it’s a dream I still haven’t woken up from.



I’ve always loved photography. I got my first DSLR when I was 18 and it traveled the world with me. I was the dedicated family and friends photographer! One day, a series of events led me to think about doing photography professionally. It was a quite spontaneous decision and no one (including myself) saw this coming. But I am so glad it did.

Woman & Canadian owned

based in Ottawa, Ontario

Of Wild & Wander was founded by Savannah in 2018. Today, the team consists of 1 editor/coordinator and 6 photographers who together, bring magical candids to the Ottawa Valley and beyond.



I would say I have a passion for walking through life with a camera rather than a passion for photography. Sometimes I feel an uncontrollable need to savour and remember every last detail that surrounds me, so I do. The ability to do so just happens to be through photography. I think the ability to capture a tender daylight like a firefly in a bottle isn’t a power everyone holds, so I felt the need to share it with others.



Growing up I have always been into the arts.  I have always been the crafty one. Sometime in 2015, I randomly picked up my mom’s camera. I quickly fell in love with it and became almost obsessed with learning more. What I love the most about photography is how I can instantly boost someone’s confidence as I’m shooting and taking their photographs. I can see how their faces glow and truly enjoy the process as well. I love that I get to tell someone’s story through my photos and they get to cherish them for a lifetime. This is why I decided to focus on documenting love stories. It’s so special that I not only get to witness their love, but also document their love story.


more than just photographers

We are more than just photographers. Among our team, we are artists, health care workers, designers, fiancés, brides, teachers, mothers and much more. The experience, diversity and bonds found within our team is what sets us a part from the rest and is what allows us to bring more than just beautiful images to the table.

how do they do it?



I have always loved art, whether it was dramatic arts, music, or visual arts, it did not matter. Art has a way of capturing history, memories, emotions, and moments that are otherwise lost to time. Embarrassing story but, when I walked into the Louvre for the first time in Paris, I cried. Art makes you feel ALL of the things. Photography has now become my art of choice.



Photography has always been so important to me. I feel so deeply connected to photography because having the ability to look back at the quickest of moments and smallest of details is so special. That’s the magical thing about photos, they take you back to a frozen moment in time; I want to give other people this superpower too.